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Flash Dryer is designed to reduce moisture from 35% to 10% which is suitable for briquetting. With the help of furnace, heat is generated for drying the material. By screw conveyor, raw material is transported in to pneumatic convey line in the presence of hot air. Dried material is collected by cyclone.

It is used for suspension drying of powdery, ground or granulated material such as saw dust, coir pith and Bagasse pith which are usually materials with moisture content of 35% of less.

What is a Flash Dryer?

A flash dryer, also known as a Flash Dryer Manufacturer, is a piece of equipment that is commonly used in chemical processing applications. This type of dryer consists of an enclosed chamber with one or more heating elements in it. The flash drying process involves passing hot air through the fluid to be dried, quickly evaporating the moisture in it.

The rapid heat transfer and fast evaporation that this process facilitates make flash drying an efficient and effective method for removing water from certain substances. Whether you are working in the chemical industry or looking to reduce your drying time in some other application, a Flash Dryer is a valuable tool to have on hand.

How does a Flash Dryer work?

A Flash Dryer is a type of industrial dryer that is used to dried wet materials such as sludge, food products, and pastes. The flash dryer works by passing hot air through the wet material. The hot air flash-dries the wet material, and the dried material is then collected at the bottom of the flash dryer. Flash dryers are commonly used in the food industry to dry products such as fruits and vegetables. They are also commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry to dry pharmaceutical powders and granules. Flash Dryer Manufacturer produces a wide variety of flash dryers for different applications.

What industries typically use Flash Dryers?

It is used in a wide variety of industries, from food processing to pharmaceutical manufacturing. These powerful heating devices employ flash evaporation to quickly remove water or moisture from products. In many cases, Flash Dryer are manufactured by specialized companies that focus on providing high-quality flash drying solutions for their clients.

Because flash dryers must be able to withstand the intense heat and rapid movements involved in flash drying processes, they typically feature robust construction materials and precise temperature controls. In addition, these manufacturers often offer custom design options, allowing their customers to adapt flash dryers to suit their particular needs and applications. Whether you’re looking for an OEM solution or need support with maintenance of your flash drying system, a Flash Dryer Manufacturer can help you achieve your goals.

Our basic turbo dryer system consists of Screw Conveying line including insulated drying column and conveyor through which wet material is transported in the presence of hot air to the cyclone. A powerful low pressure centrifugal fan assures sufficient resilience time for complete removal of excess moisture.

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Double Pass Flash Dryer
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Flash Dryer

300 kg/h
3 hp
1000 kg/h
10.5 hp
1500 kg/h
13 hp
2500 kg/h (D.Cyclone)
22 hp

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