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CE certified LBP 70 Briquette Press is best suitable for those who want production (1200 kg/h) with 59HP. The Only thing is that it require powdery raw material for Briquetting.


Particulars Details
Production Capacity 1200 Kg/Hr
Size Of Briquette 70 Mm
Shape Of Briquettes Cylindrical
Raw Material Powdery


Briquetting is good for your company as well as is also good for nature: when a Biomass briquette is burned, it only emits as much CO2 to the atmosphere as is absorbed by a growing tree through photosynthesis.

To improve biomass briquetting in India, the Indian govt agency Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA) – a finance granting agency – is financing briquetting projects IREDA. Holds meetings with entrepreneurs at different levels, provides them technical Knowledge and educate entrepreneurs.

In India briquetting sector is growing gradually as Govt of India is very serious to conserve its forest as otherwise forest wood is the major source of energy in rural area. Also with the promotional efforts of IREDA, more people are confidently investing in biomass briquetting plant.