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CE Certified LBP 50 model is best suitable for those who want 600 Kg/hr Production. It also requires Hammer Mill grinder for converting powdery form of the Raw Material. Briquettes produced from this press is 50 mm.

Particulars Details
Production Capacity 600 Kg/Hr
Size Of Briquette 50 Mm
Shape Of Briquettes Cylindrical
Raw Material Powdery ( Require Hammer Mill For This)


LEHRA® CE Certified Briquetting Press is known for binder less production of high density fuel briquettes i.e. “biocoal” from all types of degradable biomass, Agricultural waste & residues such as wheat husk, groundnut shell, wood waste, baggasse (sugar cane read stalk), cotton shell/stalk, mustard husk/straw, coffee husk pine needle, saw dust etc.

The machine is a heavy duty, ram type reliable  press designed for continuous operation, equipped with a sturdy crank gear, cross head and two flywheels. One of the flywheels acts as a pulley and is driven by the main motor through flat belt. Forced lubrication is provided by an oil-circulating system with dual filtration and forced cooling.

Since our Inception we produce hydraulic Briquetting Press Systems for recycling agro and forest waste, Our Briquette Machines operates in more than 20 countries  for manufacturing briquettes. Briquettes from recycling of unused natural resources & waste creates a new product for  producing heat energy .

Briquettes can be made from Loose Agro waste, forest waste, wood waste, as it cleans our surroundings & Environment. By Briquetting these agricultural & forest waste  the volumes can be reduced by 90% thus easy to transport.  Briquette are high Calorific fuel burns completely emits less ash & dust particle, which conserve our environment.

The plant & machinery required for Briquetting is determined by the characteristics of the raw materials being processed. We the team of technocrats at LEHRA®FuelTech  are offering the most Versatile plant in its true sense. Our Briquetting plant would consist of the following major units.

Working Of Briquettig Press