Incentive by the Government The government of India has announced series of incentive for promoting this project for installing such plants to the entire printers engaged in developing alternative energy source.

The major incentives are: * Income tax Exemption for first five years. under section 80(JJA)

  • 1. 100% Depreciation: The total value of plant and machinery is allowed to be depreciated in the first year.
  • 2. Licenses: The whole industry of non conventional energy sources has been exempted for obtaining  licences in many states.
  • The Central and State Government provide subsidies .
  • Low rate of interest from govt. financial institutions.


The viability of Manufacturing briquettes is tremendous as the demand of energy is increasing day by day and vice versa the supply of natural fossil fuel is limited. Moreover government of India has also announced series of incentives for promoting this project for installing Briquetting plants as the entire world is engaged in developing alternative energy sources. it is promoted to the industries as a prime renewable energy project throughout the world. The project gives excellent viability. The total payback period of the project is approx.2 year. It is pollution free and no hazard in this project. It is Eco friendly renewable green energy project.

Economical than other fuels

It is more economical than other fuels because it contains low moisture, low ash high density. It is very easy for handling, transporting storage. It is cheaper than heavy furnace oil , steam coal fire wood etc.

After Sale Service

We allow warranty for one year against any manufacturing fault. Our technical persons are always in market for providing services to our customers all over India. All spares are ready to dispatch in our stock.

Technical Training

We offer free training for ten days to our customer before installing the plant at our site and five days after installing plant at customer’s site in India. Our operator will handover the plant after five days to client’s operators. if needed our operator will stay for customer satisfaction.