Biomass Briquetting Machine

What is Biomass Briquetting Machine ?

With the increase in the demand of energy. The natural conventional resources are diminishing very fast.  This can be controlled by using non conventional sources like sunlight, wind energy, water energy. But these sources cannot be used as fuel. So the best non conventional fuel is Biomass briquettes. This not only is Socially Economical as well financially very economical.

Biomass briquetting, also known as biomass briquette pressing, is a process by which biomass material such as woodchips and agricultural waste is converted into compressed briquettes. This beneficial technique utilizes specialized machines, known as biomass briquetting presses, to produce these solid blocks of biomass. These briquettes can then be used as a fuel source to generate heat or electricity. The benefits of this technology are numerous; not only does it allow for efficient energy use, but it also helps to divert waste material away from landfills and recycle it into useful products.

How does a biomass briquetting machine work?

Biomass briquetting is the process of converting low density materials into high density briquettes. Biomass briquetting machine are used to produce briquettes from a wide range of Biomass materials, including sawdust, straw, paper, and more. The Briquetting process involves compressing the Biomass material under high pressure and temperature to create a denser, stronger briquette. Biomass Briquetting Machine can be used to produce a variety of different shapes and sizes of briquettes, depending on the specific application. For example, some Biomass Briquetting Machine are designed to produce square briquettes, while others may be designed to produce round briquettes. The specific design of the Biomass Briquetting Machine will dictate the shapes and sizes of briquettes that it can produce.

Social benefits of Biomass Briquetting:

Biomass Briquette Machine is done to organic waste, Municipal waste which helps to cleans our surrounding and minimize landfills. It burnts completely so produces less ash and CO2. By utilizing this unwanted waste into energy we save our valuable natural resources of fossil fuel. Biomass waste-to-energy conversion reduces greenhouse gas emissions.  The greenhouse gas emissions are significantly reduced by preventing methane emissions from landfills.  Moreover, biomass energy plants are highly efficient in harnessing the untapped sources of energy from biomass resources.

Financial benefits of Biomass Briquetting:

Biomass Briquette Machine are more economical than other fuels because it contains low moisture, low ash high density.  Manufacturing briquettes  is Profitable as the demand of energy is increasing day by day and vice versa the supply of natural fossil fuel is limited It is very easy for handling, transporting storage. It is cheaper than heavy furnace oil , steam coal fire wood etc. Moreover government of India has also announced series of incentives for promoting this project for installing Briquetting plants.  as the entire world is engaged in developing alternative energy sources. it is promoted to the industries as a prime renewable energy project throughout the world. The project gives excellent viability. The total payback period of the project is approx.2 year. It is pollution free and no hazard in this project. It is eco friendly renewable green energy project.