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 Pellet Press Features : (6mm to 25 mm) any size

Powder form raw material having 8-12% moisture, transported into Pellet Press and different sizes of Pellets can be produced on same machine by changing die. Pellet Press is very rigid & tough to handle load of practicing. Pellets are conveyed by storage Silo, where they come to ambient temperature and packed in bags according to small or commercial users. We manufacturer all the machines in our facility and it helps us to control the quality of our products. There is no binder used to manufacture Pellets in our machine.
 Screen is used to collect fire parts from pellets prior to convey it to storage bin.

Possible applications of the Lehra pelleting Machine

  1. Complete line from raw material feed to final packing pellets
  2. Pellet line equipped with Dust Collector* to run plant in city/town. (Optional)

Wood waste, wood shavings, wood chips, sawdust, Pine wood and grinding dust, straw, miscanthus, bagasse and other biomass to 6mm to 10mm Pelleting.