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Chipper cum grinder which chips & grinds the long material (dry & wet) in to required size for briquetting in single action.This is suitable for any type forest waste, cottons stalks, tree bark, sunflower waste & stalks, coconut waste, mustard stalks etc. Material is conveyed on a belt driven by geared motor. Output size is adjustable by changing screen. Chipped material can be fed for fine grinding in hammer mill grinder. Blades can re-sharp by surface grinder or hand grinder. 

Chipper Grinder is drum type chipper, the material is fed into chipper via help of in-feed belt conveyor, through which the material goes into chipper drum where it gets cut into smaller pieces with the help of moving chipper blades. The chipped material is screened out through perforated screen to ensure the appropriate output size of the material. Chipper Grinders are available in a wide range of capacities and sizes to suit the various needs of our customers. We are Chipper Grinder Manufacturer, and we have been manufacturing these grinders for more than a decade now. Our experience and expertise enable us to offer you the best possible product at the most competitive prices. Contact us now for more information on our range of Chipper Grinders.

Chipper cum Grinder

300 Kg/H 10 hp
1000 Kg/H 42 hp
2000 Kg/H 62 hp
3000 Kg/H 80 hp
5000 Kg/H 107.5 hp
10,000 Kg/H 160 hp