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Every Year Farmers had a problem in disposing of the agricultural waste left after harvesting, and this thousand of tons loose wheat straw, Rice Husk, Forest Waste & other agricultural waste is burnt just because we feel it use less and we don’t have space to store this loose Biomass. Which ultimately Leads to lot of Pollution. But Briquette making Machines convert these agro & Forest Waste into  renewable source of energy by converting into high density – Briquettes.

With the Increase in the demand of Fuel our fossil fuel resources will vanish soon. The use of this fossil fuel not only decrease our natural resources but also pollute our environment. So Biomass Briqueting is the best environment friendly alternate source of energy Which will bridge the gap.

LEHRA® Briquette Press LBP40

This CE Certified Briquette press model is best suitable for those who want production up to 300Kg/hr. It also requires Hammer Mill grinder for converting raw material into powdery form. Briquettes produced from this press are 40 mm.


Particulars Details
Production Capacity 300 Kg/Hr
Size Of Briquette 40 Mm
Shape Of Briquettes Cylindrical
Raw Material Powdery ( Require Hammer Mill For This)


How Briquette Press LBP Work?