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LBP100This CE certified Super Jumbo Briquette press come with production capacity of 2500Kg/Hrs with 89/114 HP. Some latest modifications in LBP 90 (2000KG) make it more economical and most effective model. This Model is Best Suitable where availability of raw material is high.

Particulars Details
Production Capacity 2500 Kg/Hr
Size Of Briquette 100 Mm
Shape Of Briquettes Cylindrical
Power Required 89/114 HP



Material is continuously fed through a hopper by means of a vertical feeder with its own gear box and a  motor. Regulated feed to the press is provided by independently driven screw through flexible pulley on motor.

Dry ground or granulated material is fed to the top of the vertical feeder by screw conveyor. The vertical screw pre-compresses and forces the material downwards into pre-compression chamber. Here the material is forced by the ram through a die system into briquettes to the cooling line. The total operation is continuous and controlled from the main electrical panel.

Fuel Cost Saving :

Briquette is much cheaper than furnace oil and it is also cheaper than coal or firewood. Therefore, use of Briquette directly gives savings to the customer.


Non-polluting Fuel :

Briquette has no sulphur content unlike coal or furnace oil. Therefore, its fumes are non-hazardous. Briquette generates only 10-15% ash as compared to 20-40% in case of coal. Also, fly ash generated by coal is hazardous, while ash generated by Briquette is non-hazardous.

What kind of boilers / furnaces can use biomass briquettes easily?

Usually, large furnaces with induced / forced draft fans and boilers with capacities of 3 TPH or higher are found to be most suitable for briquette usage. However, brick kilns and some specially designed stoves for community kitchens can also use briquettes.

Carbon Credit Benefits :

Industrial units using Briquette can also claim carbon credit benefits and thus generate additional revenue.