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What is Briquette Press Machine?

Briquette Press Machine is a Machine used to recycle Biomass waste into High Calorific Fuel Briquettes. Briquetting can be done to agricultural and Forest Waste with a maximum moisture content of 8-12%. The Biomass waste with higher moisture is dried and moisture is reduced up to 25% in Flash Dryer and  above 25-50% is in Rotary Drum dryer and is than pulverized to small particles with hammer mill Grinder and fed to Briquetting Press with the help of Hopper. Briquette are Extruded continuously and cut to required length with the help of Cutter.  The LEHRA® high performance machines feature a sturdy construction, which guarantees constant briquette-quality in continuous operation.

Briquette Press Machine Range

Lehra Briquette Press LBP 100 (2500 kg/hr)

Lehra Briquette Press LBP 90 (1500/2000 kg/hr)

Lehra Briquette Press LBP 80 (1500 kg/hr)


Lehra Briquette Press LBP 70 (1200 kg/hr)

Lehra Briquette Press LBP 60 (900 kg/hr)

Lehra Briquette Press LBP 50 (150 kg/hr)
















Lehra Briquette Press LBP 40 (300 Kg/Hr)

Lehra Briquette Press LBP 30 (150 kg/hr)









Note:-  At LEHRA®  We also convert your existing Briquetting Press  into Pellet making Machine.
Briquette Press Machine Features:

Briquetting Press is die and punch type mechanical press with two Ry wheels. One Ry wheel is driven by belts with Motor. Filtered & cooled lubrication oil is supplied by pump through p.pipes. Material is continuously fed through a hopper by means of a vertical feeder with its own gearbox and a motor. Regulated feed to the press is provided by independently driven screw through Rexible pulley/drive on motor. From feeding chamber material is compressed by ram through taper bore die. Briquettes comes out from cooling line. Total process is Continuous & Controlled by panel. Briquetting Press is used for binder less production of high density fuel briquettes i.e. “biocoal” from all types of degradeable biomass. Residues & wastes such as groundnut shell, wood waste, baggasse (sugar cane stalk), cotton shell/stalk, mustard husk/straw, coQee husk, pine needle, saw dust etc. Acceptable moisture in raw material of briquetting is 8-12%.

Briquetting Press Models

90/114 hp
2500 kg/h
86.5 hp
2000 kg/h
71.5 hp
1500 kg/h
59 hp
1200 kg/h
47 hp
900 kg/h
35 hp
600 kg/h
18 hp
250 kg/h
13 hp
125 kg/h


How Briquette Press Works?