Lehra Make CE Certified Briquette Machines are best for Biomass Briquetting.

Biomass Briquettes From Bio Waste

We offering best quality Dryer Machine & it's know as Flash Air Dryer..

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With the environment in mind, LEHRA®Fuel is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that is dedicated to the cause of eco-friendly fuel. After a thorough study of the existing options for raw material, agricultural waste was zeroed-in for manufacturing recycled bio fuel briquettes and machinery to manufacture the same was developed. Normally, agricultural waste is either destroyed or burnt, the latter causing untold pollution and health problems.

To turn a potential hazard into a utilitarian product, briquette making machines were designed and are being used locally as well as being exported to countries like Canada, Australia, Kenya, other parts of Europe, Africa, and Asia. More than a quarter of a century's experience backs LEHRA®Fuel as a briquetting plant manufacturer and exporter.

Lehra has set another Mile stone in Renewable Energy by manufacturing 100% RICE Husk Briquetting Machine

ROC Judgement for Brand "Lehra"


Court Judgement for Brand "Lehra"


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Briquette Press

Shredding Solutions For BriquettingDrying Solutions For Briquetting
Briquette Press is a Machine used to recycle Biomass waste into High Calorific Fuel Briquettes.Anything which is biomas and is waste can be briquetted into high calorific Fuel briquettes. It can be Wheat Straw, Mustard waste, Rice husk... 
Chipper cum grinder which chips & grinds the long material (dry & wet) in to required size for briquetting in single action.This is suitable for any type forest waste, cottons stalks, tree bark, sunflower waste & stalks, coconut waste, mustard stalks etc.
Dryer is designed to reduce moisture from 25% to 10% which is suitable for briquetting. With the help of furnace, heat is generated for drying the material. By screw conveyor, raw material is transported in to pneumatic convey line in the presence of hot air.

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