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Flash Dryer is designed to reduce moisture from 25% to 10% which is suitable for briquetting. With the help of furnace, heat is generated for drying the material. By screw conveyor, raw material is transported in to pneumatic convey line in the presence of hot air. Dried material is collected by cyclone.

Flash Dryer is used for suspension drying of powdery, ground or granulated material such as saw dust, coir pith and Bagasse pith which are usually materials with moisture content of 25% of less.

Our basic turbo dryer system consists of Screw Conveying line including insulated drying column and conveyor through which wet material is transported in the presence of hot air to the cyclone. A powerful low pressure centrifugal fan assures sufficient resilience time for complete removal of excess moisture.

Double Pass Flash Dryer
Double Pass Flash Dryer
Single Pass Flash Dryer
Four Pass Dryer For Special Materials

Flash Dryer

300 kg/h
3 hp
1000 kg/h
10.5 hp
1500 kg/h
13 hp
2500 kg/h (D.Cyclone)
22 hp